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Reference: 02.02.01


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TACHOTESTER TC-1 is a versatile control and measurement instrument designed for car tachographs check-out. TACHOTESTER TC-1 provides for check-out of all types of car tachographs.

Reference: 02.02.06

CABLE 02.14

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Cable for driving TC-1-  Tachograph 1318, 1319, 1324 VR8400, VR2400, DTCO (exept 1314) Cable for Tachotester with serial number from 0 - more

Reference: 02.02.17

CABLE 02.22

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Cable for measuring "w" factor from sensors 1318, 1319, 026/…, 028/… Cable for Tachotester and tachograph

Reference: 02.02.22

CABLE 02.37

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Cable for measuring "w" and "k" factor by special socket "mini jack" in 1314 and 1318 tachogarphs and for data transmission in 1319 Tachographs.Cable for Tachotesters with serial number from 0 - 699

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